Empower the Hungry: A Crowdfunding Initiative for Sustenance and Hope

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Other Crowdfunding Categories





Child care



Contributing a little can make a big difference.

Campaign Organizers

Funding campaigns with the vision of a better world


Host a community fair, festival, or carnival where local businesses can set up booths. Charge a fee for booth spaces and use the proceeds for your cause.

Organize a charity run, walk, or marathon. Participants can raise funds through sponsorships, and the entry fees can contribute to your goal.

Organize a car wash or a day of services (such as gardening, cleaning, or pet sitting) where participants can offer their skills, and people can donate for the services.

Organize a sports tournament (soccer, basketball, or even a chess tournament). Teams can pay an entry fee, and spectators can contribute to the cause.

Organize an art show featuring local artists. Sell tickets for entry and include an option for attendees to make additional donations.

Want to raise funds for medical emergency?