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Posted 23/10/23

We’re looking for a skilled and experienced Senior Social Media Manager with 5-8 years of experience to join our team at Giveza. As the Senior Social Media Manager, you’ll be in charge of leading our social media efforts. This means creating strategies to make our brand more visible, connecting with our community, and making our crowdfunding campaigns even more successful. Your role is crucial in managing our online presence, interacting with our community, and using smart social media tricks to get more customers.


  • Create and carry out smart plans to make our brand more well-known, engage people better, and boost our crowdfunding projects.
  • Make interesting and good-quality content for different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Make sure it fits our style and goals.
  • Plan, do, and improve social media campaigns to promote our crowdfunding projects. Use tools and tests to reach more people and make more sales.
  • Talk to our supporters, backers, and important people on social media. Reply to their comments and messages quickly and professionally.
  • Find and work with people who like our brand, influencers, and partners to make our crowdfunding campaigns even stronger and reach more people.
  • Watch important social media numbers and results from campaigns. Share reports and ideas to make our plans better.
  • Learn about new social media things, tools, and best ways to do things. Share new ideas to make our social media even better.
  • Work closely with other teams like marketing, design, and product development. Make sure what we do on social media matches our other goals.
  • Handle problems on social media fast and work with our PR team to fix them and keep our reputation good.
  • Follow rules and laws on social media and make sure we do things right.


  • Masters degree in marketing, communications, or similar.
  • Must have experience of Social Media- 7 yrs+
  • Did important social media work before, especially in crowdfunding or startups.
  • Know a lot about different social media sites and how to make people interested.
  • Can use tools to manage social media, understand numbers, and run ads.
  • Write and talk well, and make content that fits different social media.
  • Have good ideas and pay attention to details and design.
  • Look at numbers and data to understand what works and make plans better.
  • Can handle lots of things at once, do important things first, and finish them on time.
  • Do things on your own and also work well with a team.
  • If you know about crowdfunding, online fundraising, or startups, that’s even better.

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Bangalore, Karnataka