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Spirit flight crews & employees for medical freedom and civil liberties

Spirit flight crews & employees for medical freedom and civil liberties
Human rights in US
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MOVE ON DELETED OUR ORIGINAL PETITION! THE FIGHT CONTINUES HERE! We are a grass roots group of airline professionals dedicated to individual liberty. We believe that medical freedom accompanied by civil liberty are the fundamentals of a free society. Actions taken to the contrary within our industry is not only morally wrong, but against our constitutional rights. When we approach the controversial discussion of health we believe it's our individual choice to decide our path. We demand our union representation and by association our company, respect our civil liberties and medical freedoms.

Why is this important?

We respect an individuals right to make decisions about their own body. In all aspects. We welcome any and all like minded individuals who believe in civil liberty as we do, regardless of position or employer. And for all my NK family out there, below is for you...

To our Big Yellow Family,

It has been quite a few years together and we have seen a lot. From the ups and the downs to the joy and the tears. Empty airplanes to oversold parties heading to Mexico, we have been through it all. Do you remember the time a line of storms rolled through Florida and we all ended up in Tampa? I do. Good times at Chick-fil-a. We really have been through a lot together and have had a blast of a time. Unfortunately, a little over a year ago we had this nasty virus sweep through our land and threaten our livelihood. Our casual unplanned encounters in Tampa disappeared, our planes stopped flying. We were told to stay home and away from each other. Time passed but our longing for the sky did not. Thankfully we returned, but to a shadow of our former selves. Everyone hidden behind a mask, avoiding any contact with our fellow yellow family. We got on with it. Casually smiling behind our mask but secretly knowing we missed the embrace of friends. As the days passed things started to look up. Planes started to fill, embraces became more common, life was returning to normal. Sadly good things can’t last forever and wouldn’t you know the virus became clever. It started attacking again and what are we to do? Fighting about solutions began, people became divided. Our family became our enemy. We started to search for people that believe how we did. Demonizing our foes. Pointing fingers and making harsh comments, all while forgetting who were are. As the days went by our differing opinions created rifts within our family. We treated people different, we acted different. Interactions became bothersome. We forgot who we are….

Now we stand on the edge of prolonged choices, do we continue along the path of self vilification or do we turn the corner? Do we allow the invisible to dictate our livelihood or do we stand up united? Do we run and hide in fear, or are we the beacon of hope for our brothers and sisters in the industry? We have been through a lot together, and for better or for worse we are still family; and family does not leave family behind. Let us stand up together no matter our opinions and show the world what it means to be yellow. We are stronger together, and together we are unstoppable.

Respectfully, Your Big Yellow Family.


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