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Transform your cause into a compelling story that resonates with donors.

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Reach out to friends and family for support—there are people eager to support your cause.

Ignite Love & Support

Experience shared generosity, where each heartfelt donation sparks meaningful change.

Our Features

We believe that we can touch more lives with you.

Donor Updates

We keep donors informed with consistent updates on the impactful outcomes of their contributions

Support & Resources

We provide continued support and resources to assist campaigners at every step

Community Building

We drive engagement with interactive events, recognition, collaborations & social media initiatives

Donate Monthly

To touch countless lives

Join us in a journey of compassion and commitment, as your monthly contributions pave the way for countless lives saved and transformed. 

The mission and goal of our organization

We provide a trusted platform for peoples of worldwide to support people and organizers. That can save many lives.

Manage your campaigns

Users can create crowdfunding campaigns for their specific needs or causes.

Collecting donation

Campaign owners can set up to receive donations from supporters.

Withdraw your money

Withdraw your money to bank account easily with few set up.

Crowdfunding Categories

Trust and safety

Trust and safety are paramount values at Giveza, a donation-based crowdfunding company committed to creating a secure and transparent platform for philanthropy. Giveza prioritizes the well-being and trust of both donors and recipients, ensuring a safe environment for charitable giving.

We believe we can save more lives with you!

Together, our collective efforts and commitment can make a significant impact on improving and extending the precious gift of life. Join us in our mission to create a healthier, safer world for all.

Medical Patients

Helps individuals and families raise funds for medical treatments and healthcare expenses.

Individuals in Need

Raise funds for personal needs, such as medical bills, education, or emergency assistance.


Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and non-profits also use to mobilize new supporters.

Disaster Relief

In times of natural disasters individuals and organizations can use the platform to raise funds for disaster relief efforts.


Contributing a little can make a big difference.

Campaign Organizers

Funding campaigns with the vision of a better world

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