Giveza, a donation-based crowdfunding platform, aims to help NGOs improve their fundraising efforts, increase awareness, and assure transparency.

Our Initiatives

Our impactful services are devoted to making a difference in communities globally.

Fundraising Campaigns

Inspire generosity and impact through strategic fundraising campaigns for your cause.

Marketing & Promotion

Enhance NGO outreach with targeted strategies to engage donors and advocates.

Brand Awareness

Boost NGO impact through brand initiatives fostering recognition and support.

Consulting Services

Expert consulting for NGOs to enrich effectiveness and sustainability

Human Resourse

Tailor HR solutions to nurture talent and drive organizational success efficiently

Techonology Support

Support NGO impact with efficient tech services for operations.

Empowering NGOs

Committed to positive impact, addressing community needs through various campaigns and activities to foster change.

Fundraising Campaigns

Engage supporters and raise funds effectively with our impactful fundraising campaigns


Secure fundraising campaigns with strong measures to protect donor transactions.

Helping the helpless with care

Supporting people and animals in need through fundraising initiatives, making a tangible difference with your generosity.

How You Can Help?

Your donations sustain our critical work and profoundly impact the communities we serve. Here’s how you can help.

Make a donation

Support our cause by making a financial gift, large or little, to continue our programs and services

Spread the Word

Help increase awareness by sharing our story and mission with your network via social media and word-of-mouth

Volunteer Your Time

Join our devoted team and make a difference with your skills and knowledge

New at crowdfunding?

Interested in crowdfunding but unsure where to start? Let us guide you on your journey.

What is Crowdfunding?

How it Works?

Trust & Safety


Answers to frequently asked questions. These might help you in case you have any doubts

How can we start a successful fundraising campaign?

We can guide you through campaign planning, donor engagement strategies, and effective communication.

How can we effectively promote our cause or event?

We provide digital marketing strategies, social media campaigns, and content creation to maximize visibility and engagement.

How can we enhance our organization's visibility and recognition?

We develop brand awareness strategies, PR campaigns, and partnerships to increase your reach and impact.

What are the benefits of building a strong brand identity?

A strong brand enhances trust, attracts donors, and differentiates your organization in the competitive non-profit sector.

What consulting services do you offer for non-profits?

We provide strategic planning, program evaluation, fundraising strategy development, and organizational development consulting.

How can consulting services help us achieve our mission more effectively?

Our consultants offer expertise to optimize operations, streamline processes, and align strategies with your mission and goals.

How can we improve our volunteer recruitment and management?

We provide HR services including volunteer management strategies, training programs, and engagement initiatives.

Can you assist with staff development and retention strategies?

Yes, we offer HR consulting to enhance staff satisfaction, performance management, and professional development.

What tech support services do you offer to non-profits?

We provide IT infrastructure setup, website development, CRM implementation, and tech training to optimize your operations.

How can technology support improve our efficiency and impact?

Utilizing technology effectively can streamline processes, enhance donor management, and improve communication with donors.