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A single transaction fee is automatically subtracted per donation, and that’s the only deduction. The entirety of the remaining amount directly supports your cause.

How pricing works at Giveza?

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Begin your fundraising journey by creating a free campaign on Giveza. There are no fees associated with setting up your fundraiser.

Donors Contribution

Supporters have the option to contribute a small donation to Giveza as well.

Transaction fee

This is the sole fee that is automatically deducted; the remaining of the amount is directed toward the cause.

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Transform your cause into a compelling story that resonates with donors.

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Experience shared generosity, where each heartfelt donation sparks meaningful change.

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Dedicated support team

Our company recognizes the importance of continuous learning and personal development

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34 Paid leaves are available in a whole year

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Sick day leaves are available.

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Our company recognizes the importance of continuous learning and personal development

Easy funds withdrawal

34 Paid leaves are available in a whole year

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Sick day leaves are available.

Explaining transaction fees

When you make a donation on our crowdfunding platform, a small transaction fee is automatically deducted. This fee covers the costs associated with processing the donation. It ensures the smooth and secure processing of transactions, allowing the majority of your donation to directly support the intended cause. Your support makes a significant difference, and we strive to maximize the funds directed toward the causes you care about.

Donors contributions towards Giveza

While your generous support is primarily directed toward the meaningful causes on our platform, we also provide an optional opportunity for donors to contribute a small amount to Giveza itself. This optional contribution assists us in maintaining and improving our crowdfunding services, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for both donors and campaign creators. Your decision to contribute to Giveza directly is entirely voluntary and greatly appreciated, as it helps us continue supporting a diverse range of impactful campaigns and charitable initiatives. Your generosity, whether directed towards the platform or specific causes, contributes to creating positive change in the world.

Trust and safety

Trust and safety are paramount values at Giveza, a donation-based crowdfunding company committed to creating a secure and transparent platform for philanthropy. Giveza prioritizes the well-being and trust of both donors and recipients, ensuring a safe environment for charitable giving.

Support Desk

Contact our technical experts for customer support


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Host a community fair, festival, or carnival where local businesses can set up booths. Charge a fee for booth spaces and use the proceeds for your cause.

Organize a charity run, walk, or marathon. Participants can raise funds through sponsorships, and the entry fees can contribute to your goal.

Organize a car wash or a day of services (such as gardening, cleaning, or pet sitting) where participants can offer their skills, and people can donate for the services.

Organize a sports tournament (soccer, basketball, or even a chess tournament). Teams can pay an entry fee, and spectators can contribute to the cause.

Organize an art show featuring local artists. Sell tickets for entry and include an option for attendees to make additional donations.

Bright Beginnings: Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders

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₹60,000.00 of ₹1,00,000.00 raised
6 backers
Nourish Every Child: Fighting Hunger, One Meal at a Time
₹10.00 of ₹100.00 raised
1 backer